Birds and Bees cover_LR
This colorfully illustrated book is designed to help parents and other educators talk with children about how babies are made and families are formed. It begins by explaining the typical way of getting pregnant through sexual intercourse.  However, it acknowledges that some couples have difficulty conceiving and may turn to assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination, sperm or egg donor or even surrogacy for help in becoming pregnant – and ultimately parents. There are also people who are single or in same-sex relationships that are also turning to such options in order to become parents. Adoption and foster care are also included here, since these are also ways that families are formed.  The book conveys the importance of children understanding the variety of ways babies are made and the great lengths people may go in order to become parents.  The authors contend that knowing the various ways is not to weaken or shame the process, but instead to celebrate the love and desire to be parents.
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